The Green Machine is a big group, and it takes a lot of people to ensure that we run efficiently. Therefore, a big responsibility is on you–the students–to make sure that our operations run smoothly. As a member of the Green Machine, you know that we are broken up into several different “crew” areas. Please learn more about our crews:

Book / Library Crew
Crew Leader: Mollie Cave
The Book / Library Crew is made up of band members who take care of the books and band library. Their duties include making sure the books are all together before events, all returned after events, have proper and updated parts, and have all the books in order for quick and easy access. When travelling with the band, the book crew makes sure the right number of books and stands for each instrument attending events are reserved for the packing crew to make it to and from the event.

Communications Crew
Crew Leader: Jenny Hughes/Andrew Kerper
The Communications crew is responsible for two main things: knowing information and taking care of attendance. We are essentially an information hub for the individuals that make up the band and for the other crews. If we do not have the answers, we find the answer or direct the person to someone who does have the answer. In order to get this information in the first place, we need to communicate frequently and efficiently within our own crew, while working closely with the Director, Manager, and Teaching Assistant about details. It is our responsibility to communicate to the other crew heads which individuals will be attending events and what they will need (ex. jersey, instrument). We will collect this information through online surveys. We are also in charge of attendance. After people sign in at an event, we enter it in the computer.

Equipment / Storage and Transport Crew
Equipment Leader: Daniel Joseph(set-up crew)/Daniel Edwards(strike crew)
Storage and Transport: Leigh Ann DeWitte/Peter Roberts
The Equipment Crew handles all audio equipment and set up, tear down and transportation for the Green Machine. This includes setting up speaker systems, running cables and placing microphones. The crew also handles all audio engineering for Green Machine performances.

Inventory / Maintenance Crew
Crew Leader: Adam Ferguson/ Chris Meier
The Instrument Repair / Maintenance Crew is in charge of overseeing the care and upkeep of the instruments in the pep band with specific care being focused on the instruments owned by George Mason University and the Green Machine. This crew will be responsible for instrument sign-out at rehearsals and performances when deemed necessary. Any damage done to the horn must be reported to one of the crew members so repairs can be made. The main concern of the crew will be to address any problems with pep band instruments in a timely matter as the Green Machine has a full and demanding schedule of performances.

Jersey / Uniform Crew
Crew Leader: Brennan McQuillen/ Colton Weaver
The Green Machine Jersey / Uniform crew serves to oversee the distribution and use of the apparel worn at performance events. This includes the initial distribution of long sleeve green shirts, and continues throughout the season with the supervision of Green Machine jersey use. The Jersey / Uniform crew coordinates both Patriot Center and Non-Patriot Center Events in regards to jersey use. At most basketball games, two pre-game crew members will be available to help Green Machine members check out blank jerseys. Two post-game crew members will also be available to help check in any jerseys that have been used during the game. Jerseys will also be worn at other special performances including Midnight Madness, Admissions Open House, Charity Events, and concerts. Jersey check-out and collection procedures may vary at these events. The Jersey / Uniform crew head will notify Green Machine members in advance as to what these specific procedures will be. When we travel, the Jersey/Uniform crew will be responsible for bringing jerseys for all travelling members who need one. This crew also partners with Kappa Kappa Psi to wash the jerseys on a regular basis.

Media Crew

Crew Leader:

The Green Machine Media Crew