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2012 Mason Declaration “The Grid”

“I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see. And then, one day…I got in.”

The Grid

The George Mason University Declaration Winterguard is proud to present their 2012 production,
“The Grid.” Incorporating the music of Daft Punk, the guard brings the world of TRON to life.

The group was founded as a student group and was brought under the George Mason Athletic Ensembles by Dr. Nickens. In its first year under the new moniker, The Declaration is under the direction of Guillaume Eek and Nicole Rametta with administrative support by Tricia Moore, staging by John Lemire, and sound design by Stephen Howard. 2012 performances include the Thomas Jefferson, Broad Run, Potomac Falls, and Woodbridge shows as well as AIA Championships in Raleigh, NC.