The Green Machine

This spirited student group generates enthusiasm and excitement at all home football and basketball events, as well as taking part in various campus activities. Performing for thousands of spectators throughout the basketball season, the group travels to postseason tournaments each March to support the men’s and women’s teams.

The Green Machine provides a unique link between music and athletics, and often makes appearances with the cheerleaders, Masonettes, the Patriot athletics mascot, and Gunston, the community relations mascot.

This popular organization provides a musical opportunity for all Mason students to participate in promoting school spirit and morale. You don’t have to be a music major to participate—we welcome students from any area of study. Many scholarships are available to students, regardless of major. Students can also receive class credit for their participation in the band.

Membership in the George Mason University Pep Band The Green Machine brings an opportunity to become more actively involved with university life, and contribute positively to the culture and atmosphere of the university community. Become a part of this group of talented and highly motivated students as we explore the boundless possibilities forging new traditions and becoming leaders in our community.


2006 NCAA Final Four “Battle of the Bands” Champion
2008 CAA “Best Pep Band” by
2009 CAA “Best Pep Band” by