Join – FAQs

How do I join?
Filling out an information sheet is the first step.  There are different sheets for Mason students, students not yet enrolled, Mason alumni, and interested community members. You will be added to our email listserv in which information on dates, policies, and scholarships is distributed.  The next step is to register for the Pep Band class (see below).

What is the audition process?
There’s no formal audition for most instruments in the Green Machine – just sign up for class or show up to rehearsal during the first week of classes to get oriented. All rhythm section instruments, however, do have formal, individual auditions. These instruments include drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, and vocals. Auditions will be arranged while at rehearsal and once auditioning members get a feel for the group’s repertoire.

At what types of events does the band perform?
The band plays academic events, admissions events, football games, men and women’s basketball games, Washington Capitals games, and various other sporting, charity, and community events. Students attend these events as their schedule allows or their scholarship requires, so that no one student will be relied upon for every event. We travel with the basketball teams to their post-season tournaments and also travel in support of additional tournaments as funding becomes available.

Do I have to be a music major to play in the Green Machine?
No! We have over 40 different majors in the band. We welcome students of all majors and degree levels (graduate/undergraduate). In fact, non-majors can have pep band count as their fine arts requirement for the general education studies in their degrees.

How do I register for Pep Band as a class?
Pep Band (MUSI 280 001) is a 1 credit course and counts as a chamber ensemble credit for music majors and an elective credit or fine arts general education requirement for non-music majors. The class meets on Wednesday nights from 7:20-10:00 p.m. Most class meetings are in the Patriot Center, as schedule allows. When this changes, communication to this effect will be sent out in advance. Please visit PatriotWeb to add Pep Band (MUSI 280 001) as a class.

Do I have to register for pep band as a class?
Yes and no.  Only scholarship recipients and students desiring credit for the course absolutely have to register.  If you don’t fit these two categories, but are still passionate about coming to rehearsals and games, we ask you to register if you have the 1 credit hour space in your schedule.  Exceptions can and will be made for students who want to play, but have a full schedule.

What are scholarship requirements and how do I apply?

Though scholarships are awarded as a tuition credit at the beginning of a semester, they are basically payment-up-front for support of the Green Machine’s mission through participation throughout the semester. Instrumentation is the first consideration when scholarships are awarded. We have a commitment to the university to support events with an appropriate band. A certain number of scholarships are set aside for each instrument to fund these two groups, the Green and Gold Bands. A close second in criteria is service to the band and seniority. For this reason, it is rare for new members to receive scholarships unless they fill a hole in instrumentation. Finally, a scholarship contract outlines the specific commitments to events, dates, and times that will be requirements to satisfy the contract.  The amount of a scholarship is $750 for each spot, with more money available for crew leaders. This generally works out to just over $50 per event with the average number of 15 events or less per semester. Applications are taken from an online form sent out over the listserv at three times; July for the Fall semester, November for the break games, and January for the Spring semester.